About Us

AndaSeat was founded in 2007 having years of research & study in gaming chairs. We are the drivers that push our community of trailblazers to the winning circle.

Anda comes from the Spanish word for Go. The drive to go forward with everything we value, through our commitment to apply our expertise on top-performance racing chairs designed to be your first choice for ergonomic chairs. AndaSeat designs and tests the buildout quality that fits body type, size, mobility, and comfortability.

Our mission is to continue to provide a performance chair experience from the virtual racetrack, now in the comfort of your home.

AndaSeat puts you in the firstplayer mode to upgrade your gaming experience. With different body types, we offer premium PVC leather or linen fabric chairs to keep you clutched. Each chair is designed and framed to fit the mechanics of a perfect multiverse of positions to secure your streaks. Games are part of our imagination, and in our world, limits do not exist and boundaries were made to be broken. Are you ready to play?