About Us

Back in 2014, while working in Africa, Alex, the founder of Maono, was exposed to the local culture and was impressed by its diversity and the richness of the African continent. He was amazed by the youthful, natural, and musical energy of people as they were dancing barefoot around bonfires. He was inspired and started thinking about a brand that would represent this happiness to the future generations and transfer this energy to young people all over the world. One day Alex asked local people how they say
“VISION” in their language. Here comes “Maono” [ˈmɑnoʊ].
MAONO, is a company created for the future. It is a brand name that stands for Vision, and believes that Vision drives technology. MAONO focuses on professional audio products innovation, especially for the fast-growing younger generations that like to podcast themselves and share their moments on the internet.

MAONO maintains this beautiful vision, hoping that Internet userscan experience and create happiness with a wonderful voice.Maono is committed to becoming a global leading brand ofInternet audio products that deliver a pleasant sound experience.With the mission of making the world’s best microphones andaudio products, we will continue to work hard and never give up.